We Can Achieve Your Brand Vision With Our POP Display Design Process

We Can Achieve Your Brand Vision With Our POP Display Design Process

When you have a vision for your product and your brand, you don’t want your product display to drag it down. This is where custom POP displays have a huge advantage over generic displays, because we can customize your display to create the impression on your customers that you want. We can achieve your brand vision with our POP display design process. Take this floor display that we at Concord Displays did for Caesarstone, to showcase the brand’s premium stone samples. It’s a great example of how we bring a client’s vision to reality.

When Caesarstone came to us, their vision for this display was, “sleek, curvy, and sexy.” Their marketing team wanted a look that would catch the eye of people who enjoyed the design style of a brand like Apple. Caesarstone stone is primarily sold in individually-owned hardware stores nationwide, and their displays are the main driver of their sales, so it was really important that their displays fit their vision.

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Achieving the Brand Vision

To achieve this, Caesarstone collaborated closely with us at Concord Displays through the design process. We came up with a curvy design that had the visual impact that was needed.

In addition to the look of the display, there were more requirements. The display needed to fit all 70 types of stone samples that Caesarstone offered. It also needed to show as much of the “face” of the samples as possible—previous Caesarstone displays had presented more of the edge of the stone to the customer rather than the face. To display the face better, we angled the shelves. 

Now customers are first presented with the face of the stone—what they would actually see if they install it in their own home.

One benefit of a custom POP display is this collaborative process. We can make sure your display fits all the types of your product or sample. We can also come up with creative solutions to display your products better.

Perfecting POP Display Details

We went above and beyond in the details of this display. The shelves can actually hold the two different sizes of samples that Caesarstone offers (5”x10” and 10”x10”), so it is versatile. 

We also fine-tuned details such as the sound the stone samples made when customers picked them up from the display. POP displays for stone samples are commonly made from wire, but we found that the sound the stone made when rubbing against the wire was an unpleasant “nails-on-chalkboard” sound. However, we don’t want anything to prevent customers from interacting with the display! So our solution was to use injection-molded plastic shelves for the stone instead. 

By paying attention to details that might get overlooked—not just visual details, but details like sound —the customer’s experience with the product and the brand is enhanced. Every detail matters, and by working in collaboration with a custom POP display designer and manufacturer like Concord you will get a display you’re happy with. 

Display Results

This POP display is now used across the U.S. and Canada, in small and large hardware stores. 

It drives 85% of Caesarstone’s sales and is a major marketing tool to showcase their products. 

If you need guidance on how to create the best POP display for your product, send us an email and we’ll help you out. From design, to manufacturing, to set up, we’ve got you covered. 

We also have some more resources on this blog about POP displays! Check out our post about how custom POP displays make your brand stand out. If you’re thinking about your budget, we also have a blog about how we use value engineering to create your display within your budget. Get in touch with us with any questions!

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