How Custom POP Displays Can Make Your Brand Stand Out

How Custom POP Displays Can Make Your Brand Stand Out

Every brand needs to stand out amongst the crowd in retail these days. The minute your customer walks into a store there are so many places for their eyes to land, and you want it to be on your product. While it may be clear that POP displays are one of the most effective marketing tools, the secret behind a successful display design isn’t. 

If you talk to a point-of-purchase display provider and their immediate response is an outstanding design that the eye can’t miss, they’re likely missing the mark. And, in turn, jeopardizing your ROI. 

The objective of successful POP displays is to make your brand or product stand out, not the display. 

Successful POP Display Design

While it’s important to have a solid design that looks amazing in comparison to others in the store, the purpose of retail displays is to create a connection between the customer and your product. When your eye goes directly to the product, and you feel motivated to interact with it, that’s when you know the display has done its job. 

I get compliments from my clients about how well their product “pops” on the display. This isn’t because of fancy, expensive design features. It’s because our POP design is based on the brand, the retail environment and the prospective customer. 

Take this Teeling Whisky display for example. Everything about it enhances the brand and elevates the product. 

Like all of our POP displays, the design focuses on complementing the retail space and appealing to the customers who shop there. Drugstores, grocery and home improvement warehouses all have different design strategies and require different functionality. 

When you look at the retail layout for beverage companies, placement is everything. Customers shop based on alcohol type, where common beverages are grouped together and the only time you really notice the company logo is when you pick up the product. 

This display beats those odds. Everything from texture to color intentionally enhances the Teeling Whisky brand. The wood and metal mixture makes for easy assembly, and we were able to create the look of a simple barrel to give the best visual impact for the product. 

The display has a stunning, memorable design that showcases the company logo, creates an engaging experience, and, where does the eye immediately go? To those perfectly placed bottles of whisky. To the product, the way it should be. 

We can help you create something special

If you need guidance on how to create the best POP displays for your product, send us an email and we’ll help you out. From design, to manufacturing, to set up, we’ve got you covered. 

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