Creativity Shines in These Spirits POP Displays!

Creativity Shines in These Spirits POP Displays!

We’ve covered wine displays and beer displays—it’s time to talk about spirits POP displays! Spirits include vodka, rye, whiskey, and more, and the variety is endless, so the options for displays should be endless as well! There are so many creative branding going on in spirits right now, and it’s fun to reflect this in the design of the displays. A good spirits display will use all the creativity of the display designer! I have a few examples of some amazing designs we’ve done for clients: 

Crystal Head: Making the Bottle Shine

Crystal Head Vodka POP display

When I was asked to create something for Crystal Head, I was very excited. This brand stands out in their vision and design, and their bottle is unmistakable. The display needed to match. Here’s their vision for their bottle design: 

“The Crystal Head bottle was designed with the creative spirit in mind by creative people. Together, Dan Aykroyd and John Alexander designed the iconic skull-shaped bottle as a symbol of life, reflecting power and enlightenment.”

I wanted a display that rose to this level of creativity, so I asked my designers to really take their time to give it the justice it needs and deserves. 

We came up with a four-sided display that gives each bottle its own space. Just having that extra space around each bottle helps the product stand out, and it makes the product the focus, not the display.

The challenging part of creating this display turned out to be engineering it to fit in a UPS carton while also making it easy for the retailers to put together. In the end, we managed to get the display into four parts that were easy to assemble.

I love all the new bottle shapes coming out these days—they give us many creative options and add lots of fun to our working days.

Templeton Rye: Going Above and Beyond in the Details

Templeton Rye also gave us great creative space. They wanted a prohibition, “distilled” look for their display. This is what we came up with and they loved it—we got a few re-orders for this display. 

We added logos on just the right side, top and rail on each shelf to not overpower the bottles themselves. Originally I planned to use decals to replicate the dials on the top left to keep cost down. The client loved the first sample with real dials so much that they requested to keep them in the display.

The color was probably the trickiest thing here. We powder-coated the first layer with a copper color, and then had to hand sponge the darker shades by hand. This made every display slightly different.

Teeling Whiskey: Achieving the Customer’s Vision

Teeling Whiskey POP display

For this display, the customer came to us and said, “we need the display to be shoppable all around, to have as much of the bottle showing as possible, and we need a barrel look.” A tall order, huh? But I absolutely loved going through the creative process with this one. We managed to hit every one of these requirements.

We curved the wood and then made the header look like the top of a barrel, which allowed us to use very little wood and still give it the barrel look. Keeping the inside of the display in metal gave it the rigidness needed to hold the weight of the bottles and still keep the cost down a lot.

Have a spirits product that needs a creative display? Talk to us here at Concord Displays for all your spirits POP display needs! We have the experience and design knowledge to build you a custom display that will make your product stand out. Reach out to us here at or at 1-‭626-824-3776 or 1-714-600-6712. 

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