Marketing Your Craft Beer With A Stand-Out POP Beer Display

Marketing Your Craft Beer With A Stand-Out POP Beer Display

If you’re a brewer, you know that beer is a massive part of the beverage industry and that trends for sales growth for craft beers, in particular, are looking up. In fact, 76% of craft breweries expect sales growth in 2022. But how do you make your product and brand stand out on the shelves to your customers, among all the other brands out there? The answer to marketing your craft beer is a great beer POP display.

This is where Concord Displays can give you some great advice on what to look for in a beer display. Here are some features you should think about—and talk to us if you have any questions!

Versatility in a Craft Beer Display

Here’s a great example of a beer display we’ve created. In this case, the shelves are adjustable, and the display can hold both 6 packs and 22 oz. bottles—so the same display can be used for more than one version of the product. We also created add-on side shelves for 22 oz. bottles, for even more options. This kind of versatility is a great feature to look for!

Versatile craft beer display, Concord Displays blog

Brand Aesthetics

For this display, the Stone Brewery logo gave us lots of options to make their display pop. We drew inspiration from dark and light wood tones, stone detailing, mirrored headers and rustic-looking distressed metal. You want your POP display to be instantly recognizable as your brand as well.

Wood and Stone Inspired Looks:

Wood Option and Stone Option craft beer displays, Concord Displays blog

Mirrored Header:

Mirrored Header craft beer display, Concord Displays blog

Distressed Metal Finish:

Distressed Metal Finish craft beer display, Concord Displays blog

POP Display Material

An experienced POP display manufacturer can create displays in exactly the type of display material you need. In the displays we show above, we used wood, wire, metal, etched mirror, and vacuum foam panels that created a rock look. You might need more than one material to get the look you want, so you’ll want a manufacturer that knows how to work in many types of mediums.

In addition, you want a display that will be able to hold your beverages, so work with a manufacturer who can advise you about the best materials to use for beverages! 

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Get in Touch With Concord Displays for All Of Your Beer Marketing Display Needs

There are a few things to consider when ordering a POP display for your beer brand. Get in touch with us here at Concord Displays if you have any questions! We’d love to help you design, manufacture and deliver your beer POP display to the retail store, where customers snap it up. 

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