Marketing Your Wine With An Elegant and Versatile POP Wine Display

Marketing Your Wine With An Elegant and Versatile POP Wine Display

In our last blog, we talked about what to consider in craft beer displays. Now let’s take a look at wine POP displays! If you’re a winemaker, some things to look for in a wine POP display are: a display that is sturdy enough to hold multiple bottles of wine, versatility, and of course, a great design. Here are two different displays we’ve done that fit these criteria to a tee. 

Great Design

The first thing that strikes you in both of these displays is their elegant design. They are made with wire, which provides the necessary sturdiness, but the flowing curves create an elevated look. Both feature a row at the top to highlight the wine bottles, and showcase them to their fullest. The larger display also incorporates grape leaves and grape clusters into the overall design, which is an elegant way to bring in some wine iconography. 

The smaller display can hold two cases of wine, with 22 “cellar-style” holders for wine bottles, plus 2 “highlight” holders at the top. The second larger display can hold four cases, with 44 “cellar-style” holders and four “highlight” bottles at the top. 

In both of these displays, the design is striking and elegant, without sacrificing any of the function. 

Versatility in a Wine Display

Both of these wine displays are on casters, which means they can be moved around the retail environment to the best locations to catch the customers’ attention, or even just to clean underneath. This is one feature that really increases the versatility of a display. 

Another versatile feature are the headers, which can be removed for shipping, and easily reattached in store. 

Get in Touch With Concord Displays for All Of Your Wine Marketing Display Needs

There are a few things to consider when ordering a POP display for your wine brand. Get in touch with us here at Concord Displays if you have any questions! We’d love to help you design, manufacture and deliver your wine POP display to the retail store, and right to your customers’ hands.

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