Get the Display You Ordered: Quality Control in Our POP Display Production Process

Get the Display You Ordered: Quality Control in Our POP Display Production Process

Customers don’t just want a great design, they want assurance that their POP display will arrive where they need it, without manufacturing flaws or mistakes. This is where quality control comes in. Concord Displays takes care of the whole process, from design to manufacturing to delivery. This not only makes it simple for you, the customer, but it also means we at Concord can inspect your display along the way, ensuring the highest level of quality control.

Here’s how the process works.

Before we make a prototype of your product display, we render the design concept for you, and do a CAD drawing for costing. This means you’ll be able to visualize the design and get a good idea of how it will look with your product displayed in it. You will be able to visualize it in a retail environment. 

After the cost and the CAD drawing are approved, we create a prototype of your display for you. This is shipped to you so you can make sure nothing was missed. It’s important to see what you have in your head in real life, to avoid anything unexpected. It’s easy to misjudge the size of a display, but when you see it in real life you’ll have a better feel for how it will work in a retail environment. In addition, you can examine the quality for yourself. 

Next, your display goes into production! 

During the production stage of our process, we take pictures during all parts of production, such as product cutting, welding, powder coating, box printing and packing. We make sure the displays are created according to the design, that the quality of the welds and the powder coat are high, and that the graphics look sharp.

We give you dated pictures, so if you reorder the display you can see the most current production cycle. 

Lastly, we send the quality control report to you prior to shipping, for final approval before sending your product displays on to your desired destination. We pay special attention to the packing. Good quality packing means the displays will arrive in good shape, giving you peace of mind.

There you have it! Each step includes quality checks and feedback to you, so you can feel confident that you will receive the display you designed. When you order a custom POP display, you want to know your design is in good hands, and feel confident in each step of the process. You also want great communication so you know what’s happening during every stage of the production process. At Concord Displays, this is an essential part of the service we provide!

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