Small (But Creative!) Product Display Ideas for Limited Store Spaces

Small (But Creative!) Product Display Ideas for Limited Store Spaces

A request came in the other day from a friend who was curious about how to organize their small store in a way that would increase sales of some of their products. What product display ideas would work in a limited space? I love being able to share helpful advice from what I’ve learned in my many years in business, and I thought other people might have the same question. This is great information for product producers who want to boost sales in smaller stores (such as a 7-Eleven) as well. So in this blog, I’ll share some ideas for POP displays in retail environments that have limited space.

Option 1: Clip strips product displays

Clip strips are extremely economical POP displays that will fit into extremely limited spaces. This makes them an excellent choice for small stores. These are displays that hang on any existing shelving—they can even hang on the side of any other free-standing POP display! A header at the top draws attention to the brand, and then the clips hold the product in easy view for the customer. The clips could hold a variety of products, from chips to beef jerky. And the cost of these displays will make you happy as well.

clip strip POP display option, product display idea for limited space

Option 2: Hanging wire shelving

If the product you want to display is a little bulkier, such as jars of salsa, you can use a wire display instead of a simple clip strip. These are more like a hanging basket that can be attached to any existing shelving.

Option 3: Refrigerator displays

If the small store you want to put your display in has refrigerators (such as most convenience stores have), you can explore displays that use a suction-cup attachment to hold products. These can attach to the top or the side of the refrigerator, and showcase products that will go well with the drinks inside the refrigerator—maybe some chips to go with that drink the customer is buying?

refrigerator POP display option, product display idea for limited space

Option 4: Utilize the space by the Point-of-Sale for product display

All stores have a POS that customers will need to use to check out purchases, right? Small, hanging POP displays in this space will direct attention to products here, and make them easy to grab on the way to the cash register.

Product display ideas for limited space

These are just a few of the creative ways you can use product displays in a limited space! Reach out to us for more ideas, and explore the many ways we can create a custom POP display that will showcase your product and boost your sales.

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