Time to Think About Christmas POP Displays!

Time to Think About Christmas POP Displays!

Christmas in August? Yes, we’re thinking about Christmas in August—the months of August and September are when most merchandise comes into the country for Christmas. In addition, most retailers need to set up for Christmas by the end of October, and sometimes sooner. This means if you’re looking for custom Christmas POP displays, now is the time to do it!

This is our process here at Concord Displays. To make a custom display, we first create the design, then make a sample, and then production takes about 6-7 weeks. So, you can see that August is the best time to get this process in motion.

What kind of Christmas POP displays can we make? Here are a few examples of displays we’ve done in the past.

Tree Display With Branding for Absolut Vodka

Vodka Christmas tree POP display

By using an MDF board in the back of this display, in the shape of a tree, we incorporated the branding of the product with the Christmas theme. The MDF is then attached to a wire frame and shelves which hold the vodka and the mixer. This is a bit on the larger side for a counter display, but it works very well to bring in the season and draw attention to the product at the same time. 

Countertop Christmas Tree Wine Display

Countertop Christmas tree wine bottle POP display

If you’re looking for a bit of a smaller counter display that still holds beverages, this might fit your needs. It is an all wire display that is capable of holding 6 bottles at an angle that allows the consumers to see the labels and brands. Simple, but effective. 

Floor Christmas Tree Display

Christmas tree wine bottle POP display

If you’re looking for a floor display, this could be a great solution. By using the wine bottles to give the display its color and to emphasize the tree shape, this display takes a simple concept and elevates it. This is a knock-down display that comes in five sections. By adding a header at the top, you can put the final touch needed for your wine tree in the store.

Sleigh Display

Sleigh Christmas POP displays for cases of wine

This is actually a large display that holds cases—yes, multiple cases—of wine. A wire framework and curved sheet metal give this display the strength needed to hold the weight of multiple cases of wine. And the curved metal straps at the bottom of the sled add a bit of design along with the red-painted sides. 

Those are some creative designs we’ve made for clients in the past—ready to let us design one for you this year? Talk to us at Concord Displays about your needs and we can guide you through the process, step-by-step. Reach out to us here at info@concorddisplays.com or at 1-‭626-824-3776 or 1-714-600-6712. 

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