5 of Our Custom POP Displays That Make the Product Stand Out

5 of Our Custom POP Displays That Make the Product Stand Out

When it comes to custom POP displays, you don’t just want to know what a product display looks like, you want to know all the details that make it stand out from other product displays. The key to a great display is that it makes your product look great. 

I’d like to go through some of these details in this blog post. At Concord Displays, we take your display idea from design to delivery, making the whole process simple for you. Here are five displays we’re really proud of. 

Displays That Make the Product Pop: Teeling Whiskey Display

Teeling Whiskey custom POP display that makes the product pop

This Teeling Whisky display uses every detail to enhance the brand and elevate the product. 

The product “pops” on this display, not because of fancy, expensive design features, but because our POP design is based on the brand, the retail environment and the prospective customer.

Everything from texture to color intentionally enhances the Teeling Whisky brand. The wood and metal mixture makes for easy assembly, and we were able to create the look of a simple barrel to give the best visual impact for the product. 

Where does the eye immediately go? To those perfectly placed bottles of whisky. To the product, the way it should be.

A Truly Immersive Display for All 5 Senses: Makita Tool Display

Makita Tool POP display that interacts with all 5 senses

Does your retail display interact with all five of your customer’s senses? Here’s a display that I worked on that was truly immersive.

First, this display is an interactive touch and feel display. There are video screens at the top left and right, and Kicker speakers on each side (Makita partnered with Kicker speakers for this display). The Makita logos are lit up. Originally, Makita had 22 wire tool holders to hold all the types of tools they wanted to include in their display, but in the final version we simplified that to 6 holders. Overall, it was an intensive process to design and engineer this POP display, but the end result was worth it!

By including all of this, the display interacts with the customer’s sense of sight, hearing AND touch, in one display! Not bad!

Tower and Counterop Displays: Caesarstone

Caesarstone custom POP floor display

When Caesarstone came to us looking for a custom POP display, their vision for this display was, “sleek, curvy, and sexy.” We worked really closely with Caesarstone through the design process to come up with this beautiful, curvy design with the visual impact they wanted. You can read all about the design process of this tower display in our blog about our POP display design process.

Caesarstone custom POP countertop display

No space for a floor rack? A countertop display is a great alternative. We designed this clear shelf display for Caeserstone so the customer’s attention can focus on the samples instead of the shelving. The stone is mounted in such a way that the customer can see the colours on the edge, and the curved sheet metal base with the logo makes for an appealing foundation.

A Moveable Display: Kingsford

Kingsford moveable custom POP display

This metal Kingsford display was created to be displayed outside convenience stores. The great thing about it is that it can be rolled indoors at night. For this reason, we made sure that we had heavy-duty casters on the bottom. It’s also an all-metal display, so it’s very durable. You want a well-constructed display if it’s going to be moved around!

This display has shelves on both sides so customers can shop from it on either side. It also knocks-down into a small package that’s easy to ship.

We’ve done this display every spring for quite a few years now! Maybe a display like this is a good solution for your retail environment too? 

It’s All in the Details: DeWalt Backpack Spinner Display

DeWalt custom POP display with rugged details

Customize your display and make your brand shine. Here are some details we thought about when designing this display: we added a leather-looking strip top and bottom with simulation bolts to give this Dewalt display a rugged feeling. The side panel graphics highlight the cool functions of the backpacks, like lighting, USB & battery. What details will make your product stand out? If you need ideas for custom POP displays, talk to us! 

That should give you an in-depth idea of how the details of custom POP displays can make your brand shine. If you need guidance on how to create the best POP display for your product, send us an email and we’ll help you out. From design, to manufacturing, to set up, we’ve got you covered. 

We also have some more resources on this blog about POP displays! Check out our previous posts for more ideas, and get in touch with us with any questions!

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